Top 33 Research Paper Topics On Human Body: Best Tips & Suggestions

Students who study biology and medicine often have to conduct research on human body, so they learn important nuances and improve their knowledge of how our organism operates. Choosing a good topic is complicated for most students since they want to impress their professors but have poor research and writing skills.

The following best tips and suggestions will help you get started by providing examples of the top 33 research paper topics on human organism:

  1. How did ancient scientists and doctors study anatomy and physiology?
  2. How do organs of cardiovascular system regulate the body?
  3. What mechanism allows endocrine system to secrete hormones directly into the blood stream?
  4. Eugenic movements in the U.S.: attitude to the human body.
  5. The physiological characteristics that allow people to receive stimuli from the outside.
  6. Gastrointestinal system: consumption of food, getting nutrients, and expelling waste.
  7. What effects on human organism will gene therapy possibly have?
  8. Cloning through genetic engineering: years of achievements and falls.
  9. How do genes determine the way individuals look like?
  10. The best atlases of human body: a comparison study.
  11. Osteology as an interdisciplinary study of bones.
  12. The reproductive system: how does biological system use sexual intercourse to regulate internal fertilization?
  13. The main functions of liver.
  14. The lymphatic system as a circulatory network that carries lymph towards the heart.
  15. The tree types of muscular systems and their main characteristics.
  16. The ability of brain to perceive what other parts of body experience.
  17. The functions of different organs of urinary system.
  18. How do different organ systems create homeostasis?
  19. The dangerous effects of alcoholism on the human body.
  20. How does caffeine affect teenagers’ organisms?
  21. The main functions of the central nervous system.
  22. Why do people get old, and what happens to their organisms?
  23. How does environmental pollution influence the immune system?
  24. The role of the circulatory system in protecting the organism from bacteria.
  25. How does sexual response activate the nervous system?
  26. The mechanism of the physical growth of infants.
  27. The relationship between memory and ecstasy: an experiment-based study.
  28. Why do methods of anesthesia work differently on different patients?
  29. The ethical issues involved in gene therapy.
  30. A concept of human body in works of famous philosophers.
  31. Why does placebo have a positive effect in many cases?
  32. Organ donation: the legal issues.
  33. The relationship between the lifestyle and health.