12 Interesting Ideas For Geology Term Paper Topics

A geology term paper could be very informative and engaging if you chose the right subject. There are many things to keep in mind, but the importance of a good topic is clear. When you don’t know what to write about, you can try and inspire yourself from different sources, like books or the Internet. Check out these great ideas for geology term paper to get a high grade:

  1. History of the Earth. Without getting into too many details, write about the history of the Earth, the formation, the development.
  2. The history of life. How did creatures appear on Earth? Which were the first ones and how did they develop?
  3. The structure of the Earth. Here it would be very interesting to create a chart or a drawing to represent each part; there are special plastic tools at the library that you can use for a better representation.
  4. The Solar System. Talk about each Planet known in our solar system and how it supposedly formed. How long would it take for us to visit each planet?
  5. Tectonic plates. How can the movement of tectonic plates influence the geography of the Earth, which are the largest ones, are what are the most known natural disasters provoked by their movement.
  6. Climate change. The climate changed tremendously since the formation of the Earth, and it’s still evolving. Describe the most significant changes and how is this affecting us nowadays.
  7. The disappearance of dinosaurs. There are many theories; none of them is still completely proved. However, the most authentic ideas can be explained from the geological perspective.
  8. Volcanos. There are many interesting representations that you can create for the purpose of this essay. With clay and a few chemical substances, you can create a mini volcano that will impress your professors.
  9. Natural resources. Our planet had plenty of natural resourced that were exploited to the maximum, and now we are in danger to run out of petroleum and gas in a few hundred years. Present some viable solutions on how could we prevent this.
  10. Marine geology. Here you can touch a very interesting topic, the Mariana Trench. This is supposed to be the deepest point in the Ocean known to humans. Many explorers tried to solve the mystery, but only a few of them were even capable of reaching its floor.
  11. Mud volcanoes. This type of volcanoes are found in only a few parts of the World, and they are a real touristic attraction.
  12. Earthquake detection. Technology allows us nowadays to find out a short time before an earthquake is happening. How are we doing this and why is it helpful?