10 Best Topics To Do Linguistics Research Paper On

Linguistics is the art of communicating and exchanging the ideas and thoughts. Earlier man used to use symbols and sounds to communicate, but now with passage of time, many languages have evolved based on different cultures. Sometimes these languages have evolved based on economic, technological, social and political reasons which have fostered vocabulary too.

Browse through the list that will guide you with best topics on Linguistics-

  1. Carry your research by making a comparison of various languages spoken across the world. Pick the languages from various countries? What differences can be seen in terms of languages spoken for people living in snowy areas, near coastal areas, people of plains and that living on mountainous areas?
  2. What is the contribution of Noam Chomsky towards the language development? How he made us better understand the Western linguistics? How this development took place? Discuss from scratch.
  3. Carry a research on the history of various types of Scandinavian languages spoken? How they have evolved over time?
  4. Write a comparative view on modern Danish and modern Icelandic? Does it have similarities too? What are the reasons of differences?
  5. How we can say that the influence of Germanic languages can be widely seen on existing languages and its prevalence is more than any other language spoken across the world? What are the reasons behind it? Write the history of its origin.
  6. How Latin language came into existence? How its role is significant in developing present day language?
  7. Is it true to say that the development of linguistics is a boon for us? Why children can learn new language more easily than the adults?
  8. Why the language learning procedure is different for various geographical areas even if we want to convey the same message? Why Chinese alphabets have a huge vocabulary while English language accommodates only 26 alphabets and still serves its purpose fruitfully. Throw light on the phonetic sounds of English language for different words.
  9. Carry an in-depth study for the origin of linguistics structure across the globe?
  10. How Sanskrit emerged? Why it is considered a pious language by sages and most of the Indian scriptures are written in it? What other languages is part of Holy Scriptures? Is there any special reason behind it? Support your answer with appropriate evidences? Why it is not part of our daily language even if it is one of the oldest languages?