How To Write A Ninth Grade Research Paper On Business Administration

Hello, There! Let's Get Started!

Ninth grade reports are pretty hard to figure out sometimes. You've just entered high school, and now the teachers want more than five paragraphs on a single page. Pushing to meet the new expectations can be tough and daunting. Although the end results are much nicer essays than the middle school reports, you've had to do before. We're going to work out how you can develop a great homework assignment on business administration.

One: Determine Your Goals and Outline

Whenever you have homework, that requires writing focus on what you want your goals to be. Some ideas for the business administration because it does have so many different aspects to it is limiting it down to business administration education. Or what business administration does for each company, why it’s needed or even whether it is needed or not. Remember that you need to focus your goal for a research paper around a question. Who's and what's are great, but there's often more research material available if you ask a question starting with Why. As in, why does business administration have so much importance to companies?

After you determine what you want to accomplish or what areas you would like to cover and start an outline. The easiest outline to do is to bullet point an idea and then indent further and list some concepts you want to include in your investigation under it. This is great for essays, and when you move forward in your educational career, you'll be able to bring this practice into thesis and dissertation writing.

Two: Research Each Bullet Point

Since you've already broken down which areas are important for you to discuss, you have a much better idea of what you need to research. Investigating a broad subject like business administration can be frustrating, and if you do your inquiry first, you'll end up with a lot of information that you can't use for your specific question or assignment.

As you are looking into each bullet point, you had listed on your outline record the source and a few key ideas. I love keeping this on the same page as the outline. So under your first bullet point maybe Business Administration major duties and your few ideas underneath this, list the website you've used or page number from your textbook. Then build a few sentences from what you learned from that source. Ensure that you are not directly copying, and if you're not entirely sure about the overall idea from the source, paraphrase for now and revisit the source again later.

Three: Your Rough Draft

Now that you have a buff outline that should have a few sentences on each major bullet point along with concepts that are important to that aspect of the assignment and your sources. Begin writing, and one step at a time. Your introduction is important and needs to not only address the major concept, but it needs to draw in your readers. This is a rough draft so don't be afraid to work out a few versions of an introduction because it is one of the primary grading points that teachers look for.

Following your introduction each bullet point from your outline should have its paragraph. Be sure to include your research findings so that you are presenting a concise and well thought out essay. Conclusions need to wrap it all up in a nice easy to read the paragraph. Use this as a time to insert your personal view of the assignment or essay and reach out to your reader.

Four: Edit

Look over your rough draft and firstly cross out any unneeded sentences. You don't want your work to have 'filler' just to make it look longer. Quality will always preside over bulk and if you at the end are lacking material that is required use what you have learned through investigation to supplement the facts that you have stated.

After you've gotten rid of the filler, look for grammatical and spelling errors. Correcting as you read through it.

Five: Re-Write

Rewriting gives you the chance to make all of your edits and have another glance before deciding that you're holding the finished product. Most often while you're rewriting, you'll find sentences that don't make sense or would sound better in a different location of the paragraph or report. Use this time to focus your writing towards what the reader will want. Right now your reader is one teacher, but in the future your audience for a dissertation could be a department of the college of your choice. Reaching the reader is really important, and it's easy to accomplish.


Using all this together isn't just for an essay on business administration in your first year of high school. It's building skills that you can use for every assignment. You have a lot of homework still ahead of you and use these papers that require a bit of investigating to gain an understanding of what you can pursue outside of school. Go get that assignment finished and find a 'why' of business administration that you've been wondering for a while.