Formatting Your Research Paper: Tips From An Expert

There are so many different guides and rules about how to format your research paper that you may be extremely confused as to how to go about it correctly. But, never fear! This great guide is full of handy tips from an expert. So, you'll learn how to format your research paper in no time at all!

  • Tip 1: Understand what formatting styles are all about
  • Formatting styles are sets of rules and guidelines that tell you how to lay out your essay properly. These styles cover things like title pages, tables of contents, page layouts, in text citations, and reference lists. There are quite a number of different styles to choose from. These include, amongst others, the American Psychological Association (APA) style, the Chicago style, and the Modern Language (MLA) style. Each style has different rules and guidelines. If you'd like to learn more about these styles, you can have a look on the Internet, or read a decent book about academic writing.

  • Tip 2: Check your assignment brief
  • Now that you know a bit more about what these styles are, it's important that you find out exactly which style you're supposed to use in your research paper. The first place to check is your assignment brief. Most of the time, your assignment brief will tell you in no uncertain terms which style you're expected to use. So, read your assignment brief carefully to see if you can find out more information.

  • Tip 3: Ask your teacher or lecturer
  • If your assignment brief doesn't shed any light on which style you should use, you need to go ask your teacher or lecturer. He or she will be able to tell you which style they expect you to use.

  • Tip 4: Study the style you're expected to use
  • Once you've ascertained which style you're supposed to use, you need to lean all about it so that you can apply it correctly. You can look online, or in a decent book about academic writing to learn about the style in question. You can even find some handy templates in different styles online.

  • Tip 5: Check your work
  • After your composed your essay and applied the right style, you should read through it just to make sure that you've done it correctly. You don't want to hurt your grade with silly mistakes.

Hopefully, all these handy tips will help you when you format your research paper in the right way. And then you can get an outstanding grade!