Creating A Research Paper On Child Abuse: Body Paragraph Writing Tips

Child abuse is a corrosive epidemic which has ingratiated into our society with venom and is vitiating its sobriety. Children, who may the future I cultivated in a refined manner, are being bogged by sullen expectation of a few distorted minds, and losing their identities in the process.

Sensitive handling

Writing a child abuse research paper requires a sensitive hand and eye. You may pick child exploitation, sodomy, pedophile or even the enforcement by parents upon children to earn livelihood for them even as the father spends his time drowned in alcohol.

Make it thought-provoking

The research paper of this genre has to have a thought-provoking Introduction and Abstract. The unknown layers have to be opened up to the readers in a semantic manner. You need to pave the way for an astute and systematic Methodology.

Method of sampling

The body paragraphs should be litmus-clear. You need to pick out 30-40 kids or better, 30-40 families where child abuse is rampant. Unfortunately, child abuse is a truth even in the urban circuits where people are reasonably educated and street-wise. Sadly, it forms textures even in well-to-families, only there it takes abject forms of sodomy.

The rending truth

You need to clinically pose questions to the child about the hours they work and wages they earn. You need to enquire about the atmosphere at home at the floggings they get at intervals. Sadly, most of these incidences go unreported and remain etched in the child’s mind as a creator of trauma. Create substantial research on these grounds.

Channeling different layers

Based on your random sampling, you need to create pockets of information coming out of various strata of society. Feel free to show that child abuse happens in all nooks and crannies and has settled itself as an invective sore. The paragraphs should be clear and in the form of building blocks, where the reasons and effects of child abuse are clearly elicited.

The research reference

You also need to refer to credible sources; quality newspaper articles and the psychiatric take on the mental capacities of these children. There have been books written on child abuse and even some quality movies made. Remember to point that out in a subtle way in your research Methodology.

Driveway for Analysis

By the end of the research body, your work should have all the essential facts jotted about child abuse in a constructive manner. There should be a clear driveway coursed for the Analysis and Conclusion. Make sure that you bring out the ills of child abuse clearly and also suggest some potent solutions to whisk off this malady.