What You Have To Know About College Research Paper Cheating

Writing a college research paper isn’t always the number one thing on most students’ mental lists of ‘favourite homework assignments’. In fact, most students dread writing them and it can be a great source of stress. It might be very tempting for you to cheat and use an online essay to hand in, but plagiarism is never the answer. Stealing an essay from the internet or from another person by any method will get you caught and get a 0% for a grade. Even if you’re bad at essay writing, getting 50% is much better than being accused of stealing and getting nothing for a grade!

How to Avoid Plagiarism

If you’ve decided to use an essay sample as a template for your own research paper, make sure that you don’t accidentally use the same words in parts. To check this, you should copy and past a sentence from your own paper into a search engine online and make sure no results that come up are exactly like that. The rule is that more than three words have to be in the same order to be plagiarism. So if you have two or three words that match to someone else’s paper, then don’t worry about it.

As far as research goes, you’re supposed to exactly copy your sources for quotes and statistics; you just have to make sure that you cite them properly as a source and that everyone who reads your paper knows those parts are not your own words. Unless you claim a quote as your own work, then you’re not plagiarising.

Plagiarism in College

It’s probably more common than you realize, which is sad because there are so many ways a student can get help for their research paper without stealing. Here are some of the options you have as a student for getting help with your writing:

  • Asking your teacher – that’s what they’re paid to do, is help students
  • Talk to some of your friends or classmates who may be struggling with the same assignment – you can help each other out
  • There are online writers you can hire to help write part or even all of your homework for a small price – use these services for professional help and lessening your work load
  • You can also find study groups or help centers on your college campus that would be glad to work with you