A List Of Good Topics For A Nutrition Research Paper

As a student, when you are assigned a research paper to work on, the first thing is coming up with a good topic. This is applicable in all fields of study, nutrition inclusive. Writing this type of paper is just like writing an essay where you bring up and argument and backing same up with what other people have said. It entails you putting other people’s ideas together to form a cohesive paper to be submitted to your professors. If you are able to build a foundation for your argument based on other people’s idea, then you are off to a good start.

This then brings us to choosing a good topic for your nutrition research paper. Listed below are some topics that you could cover in your papers. They are:

  • Nutrition information and misinformation
  • Health effects of fibers and starch
  • The relationship between vegetarian diets and possible protein deficiency
  • Fasting vs feasting – how does your body respond to both
  • Health risks associated with body weight
  • Health effects of lipids
  • The role of antioxidant nutrients in disease prevention
  • Childhood obesity in relation to early development of chronic diseases
  • Nutrition and nutritional genomics
  • Healthy weight gain strategies – how attainable
  • The various problems of underweight
  • Ethical issues in nutrition care
  • Multiple organ failure and nutrition
  • Enteral nutrition and inborn errors of metabolism
  • The relationship between mental health and nutrition

In choosing a topic for your nutrition research paper, go for a topic you enjoy reading or writing on. This is because when you writer on a topic that does not interest you, it will show in your work and for sure, that would not be good for your grades. There are several ways of looking for topics which includes the following:

  • Online: This is one of the easily available resources when you are searching for a topic for your paper. There are various education databases where you can go through an enormous list of work done by other people to get a good idea for your topic. You can also go through nutrition blogs and website.
  • Previous projects: A lot of people have been able to generate research paper topics by going through their old papers and notes.
  • Another important thing about choosing a topic is ensuring that you don’t go for a topic that has been covered severally. This makes it difficult for you to discuss the topic from a new angle or perspective.