A Selection Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Yoga

Yoga is of Indian origin. In today's time, it is being practiced everywhere. It is not only doing asana but it is also about mental relaxation. Yoga is basically a technique for controlling mind and body. The following topics can be used for writing a research paper.

  • Weight loss
  • It is generally considered to have played role in weight loss. Many asana help in trenching of your muscles and giving exercise to them. This helps in losing of weight.

  • Physical health
  • It's not essential that only slim people are healthy any person can be healthy it all depends upon how much exercise is he giving to the body. Anyone can be healthy if given accurate diet and exercise.

  • Healthy mind
  • A healthy mind is the key to healthy body. If we have a positive mindset then our body will definitely give positive responses.

  • Use in daily life
  • Everyday use can do wonders to the body. There are some normal positions that we perform which are in form of asana. If we get aware of this than we will be able to lose weight faster.

  • Science behind the asana
  • Every asana carries a scientific logic behind it. That is the reason yoga helps in weight loss and muscle strengthen.

  • Fitness
  • Doing asana on regular basis can increase the level of fitness of the body. The body becomes more flexible and durable.

  • Clothing
  • This is an important topic. As tight fitted clothes may ruin your body posture and also impact your mind. While doing yoga you should have a free mind and body.

  • For children
  • If children have a habit of doing asana then they will develop the good habit of exercising. This also will help them to maintain their body weight and help in growing of height.

  • Spiritual aspect
  • It is said that spiritualism plays a huge role in yoga. One may achieve moksha after practicing for several years.

  • Best time
  • It is said that early morning is the best time. However in today's busy schedule whenever a person gets time he can practice.

  • How being a vegetarian plays a role
  • It is an old concept that vegetarians live better in comparison to non-vegetarians. However there’s no proof behind it. As there are many nutritional values in some non-vegetarian goods.

  • Religion
  • In old time the priests and other people associated with religion used to practice. However it is not important. Anyone can practice the asana.

Hence, all these topics will make quite an interesting research paper on yoga.