Brainstorming Nutrition Term Paper Ideas: 7 Guidelines To Follow

Creating the perfect paper requires brainstorming. If the thesis statement is poorly made, it will result in a poorly written, uninteresting essay. To get a top score on a nutrition term paper, students should set aside at least 20 minutes for brainstorming. Students who are unaccustomed to brainstorming can use the following seven tips.

  1. Freewriting
  2. One of the oldest brainstorming tricks is known as freewriting. Basically, the student must sit down and set a timer for 20 minutes. During that time, they should write down any idea that comes into their head. Since the goal of this is just to get ideas onto paper, the student should not worry about the quality, grammar or spelling of their work. When the 20 minutes are up, the student can go back through the ideas to see if they have any that will work.

  3. Read Plenty of Books
  4. Some of the best sources of ideas are in textbooks and academic books. Students should take some time before they begin writing to read through a few books about the subject. If the student is expecting a term paper at the end of the quarter, they can also jot down ideas during class that interest them.

  5. Divide the Topic
  6. To see if the topic is a good one, the student should write down the general topic that they want to write about. They should jot down subtopics that will serve as the topics of the remaining paragraphs. If the student cannot think of subtopics, they should find a different thesis statement.

  7. Create a List
  8. One of the easier ways to brainstorm ideas is to use a list. After picking a general subject, students should write down any topic that is related to it. They should be unafraid to include every topic on their list because only one of the ideas will actually be used.

  9. Be a Journalist
  10. To make a thesis statement, the student must make an argument. Once they have selected a topic, the student should begin considering the who, what, when, where, why and how that are related to it. This will help the student to figure out an argument and ensure that they have plenty of things to talk about in the paper.


This technique involves using a sheet of paper to create a type of web. Students draw a line between words that are interrelated as they brainstorm about a specific idea.

Ask for Help

When in doubt, students can always ask their teacher for ideas. The professor may even have specific topics in mind that the student can write about. If the teacher is able to give the student a topic, this is one of the best solutions for the student. In general, a teacher-created topic will be much better than one that the student can create.