How To Write A Proper MLA Research Paper: A Simple Guide

Writing your paper in MLA is not supposed to be a problem because today there are so many alternatives that are available at your disposal. You can easily learn how to do this from scratch and end up learning how to write a really good paper without struggling the way students used to struggle back in the day.

With the following guide, you have a better chance at learning not only how to cite your paper in MLA, but you are also able to stop losing marks all over the place just because you are not able to cite your resources appropriately. You also need to remember that if you take some time and learn about this properly, there is a good chance that the lessons you learn will come in handy for you throughout your life as a student.

The paper you are writing must always be handed in typed and printed out in the standard paper size, 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Anything other than that will get you a fail. On the same note, while you are editing your paper before you print it out, try and ensure that you double space all the text in the paper.

Besides double spacing one of the other things that matter in this regard is using the proper font. All your papers must always be written in Times New Roman and with a legible font size 12. If you happen to use italics and regular fonts in your paper, make sure that you use legible font such that if someone looks at them, they can easily tell the difference at a glance.

Unless your teacher has instructed you otherwise, you will be required to leave a space between periods or any other punctuation marks that you are using on the text. It is also common sense to do this anyway, otherwise it would be so hard to tell apart where a sentence ends and where a new one begins.

The margins on your paper need to be set at 1 inch on all the sides of your paper. Anything short of that will be tantamount to an immediate fail. Besides the margin you also need to worry about working with indents. The first line of your paragraph has to be indented by ½ inch starting at the margin to the left of the paper.