Creating A Proper Research Paper Executive Summary

People often turn to executive summaries when they lack the time needed to read a full research paper. It is important to create a summary that includes important information about a study that is easy for most people to understand regardless of background and education. Here are a few tips for creating a proper executive summary.

5 Tips for Creating an Executive Summary

  • Make sure to fully explain the study conducted as well as the reason for the study. The reader of the review will want to know what problem the study is experimenting to solve.
  • Be sure to give some background information about the study and the people conducting the study. The reader needs to know what prompted the study. The reader also needs to know whether other similar studies have been conducted. Knowing who is conducting and funding the study will help the reader determine if the researchers have the right credentials to be taken seriously.
  • The process used to conduct the study must be briefly detailed in your summary from start to finish. The instruments and methods use, the length of the study, the type of data collected, and the method of data collection are important to the reader. This information can be helpful to the reader if he or she wants to replicate the study. It’s also important to those who want to make determinations about the validity and reliability of a study.
  • As valuable as the information about the study is the information about the results of the study. You’ll want to be sure to report the most significant results of the study. You will want to include your analysis of the study results and whether or not they were effective in answer the hypothesis or dealing with the problem. You will also want to include how the study results can be used and whether you believe more research needs to be conducted.
  • The style of your executive summary needs to be simple. You will want to write for an audience that can include the general population. You will want to avoid technical and long words that most people will not understand. If you use statistics or numbers, you will want to keep them short and simple. Your readers may not be mathematicians. You will also want to use examples where applicable so your readers can relate to the information.

Executive summaries save a lot of people time while still giving them important information. People expect executive summaries to be full of information and easy to read. Remembering these tips will help you write a proper executive summary.