Writing A Great Research Paper In The MLA Format In 5 Simple Steps

With an MLA style paper, students are expected to follow strict formatting guidelines. They will need to conduct extensive research on a specific topic and edit the paper thoroughly. To get started on this type of writing, students should use the following five steps.

Get an Example Online

Before the student even starts writing their MLA research paper, they should find an example online. Each writing style is different, so students need to figure out the exact way that they are supposed to do their assignment. An example can offer the student insight into the correct way to format their paper, cite sources or include research. In addition to using an example, the student should also check out an MLA writing guide from the library. If they have any questions about citations or the bibliography, they can use this writing guide for help.

Read the Writing Prompt

One of the most important things to do is read through the writing prompt. Every teacher has specific requirements, so students need to make sure that they are fulfilling all of their teacher's expectations. Before turning in the essay, the student should read through the writing prompt again to make sure that the finished essay still fulfills the requirements.

Pick a Good Topic

Before conducting research, students need to choose a good topic for the essay. They need a subject hat is broad enough to fill several pages, but narrow enough to cover in a set amount of time. If the teacher provides a list of ideas, students can always use o

ne of these topics for their writing. When a topic is not provided, students can always find one online.

Building a Strong Outline

Creating an outline is the best way for the student to structure their research. They can use the outline to guide their writing and to make sure that they have actually developed a logical argument. Since an outline includes the entire argument, it will help the student to avoid having a case of writer's block.

Writing and Editing

Students should set daily goals for writing their MLA research paper. By breaking it into smaller chunks, students make it easier to complete on time. The daily writing goals should be made so that there is enough time left for editing and proofreading. Students should always proofread their paper before they submit it because there are always spelling and grammar errors.