Creating A Quality Outline For Research Paper On Leonardo Da Vinci

When you have to write any piece, you will want to use an outline. Using an outline will help you to stay focused and keep you from leaving out important material. If you are assigned a research paper on Leonardo Da Vinci you must use on outline because there is so much available material on the man.

Follow the tips listed below for creating a quality outline for a research paper on the multi-talented Leonardo Da Vinci. Keep it close to you as you work, so you can refer to the tips and hints.


  • Decide if you will use a sentence or a topic style document. The sentence one allows complete sentences throughout the piece and the topic form only lets you have a sentence for the thesis statement and your quotes.
  • Narrow now what you will discuss. Are you going to cover the man’s inventions, personal life, architecture, or his inventions? There are many other facets to the genius, so look at material on him, so you can carefully decide.
  • You might want to consider using a timeline, in order to keep your sequence accurate.
  • Do not be worried if the piece goes through several drafts, this is normal and should be expected. In fact, if this does not occur, then you should be worried.
  • Make sure to add the quotes and cited sources to the document.
  • The secret to the strength of the piece is the thesis statement. It acts as your guide and helps to name your body paragraphs. For example, if your thesis statement is, Leonardo Da Vinci was an Italian genius known for his intelligence, uniqueness, and amazing inventions. The body paragraphs will be about intelligence, uniqueness, and inventions.
  • A sample of the piece if you used the thesis statement above, would look like this:
    1. Introduction
    2. Intelligence
    3. Uniqueness
    4. Inventions
    5. Conclusions
  • Find out if your teacher will be collecting the document. If so, make sure you format it following the teacher’s directions.
  • Making a proper outline for any style of paper on any topic will always help you. Master the creation, so you can use it every time you are assigned an essay.