Writing A Great Research Paper About Steve Jobs And His Life

Steve Jobs accomplished much in his lifetime, becoming well-known for his role in founding and promoting the Apple Company. There aren’t many that don’t know his name and don’t use the products his company produces. Because of this, writing a research paper about him could be a really interesting project. There has been much written about him already, so try to find a unique and interesting angle.

What is a research paper?

This type of paper is more than just a collection of sources about a topic. It’s got to be more than just a bunch of facts about Steve Jobs’ life and accomplishments. It should be a synthesis of how you interpret and evaluate the information you uncover. It should be accompanied by proper documentation of where you made these discoveries.

Some interesting topic ideas about Steve Jobs

  • Steve was fired from his own company and rejoined 12 years later
  • Steve bought PIXAR for $10 million and sold it to Disney for $7.4 billion
  • Steve was adopted
  • Steve considered buying Yahoo
  • Steve worked in an apple orchard
  • Steve worked for Atari before he founded Apple
  • Steve followed a pescetarian diet
  • He was a college dropout but audited classes
  • He spent several moths travelling India and adopted the practice of Zen Buddhism

How to narrow down a topic

You know your topic is too broad when you have a problem limiting the amount of relevant source material you find. For example, the topic “The Life of Steve Jobs” is much too broad. There are too many factors to his life to be able to adequately cover them all in one paper. You could further narrow it down to “Steve Jobs – the birth of the Apple Company.” While this second topic does narrow it down even more, it’s still quite vast in terms of available information and the different angles you can take. You could narrow it down even more to “Factors that led up to the firing of Steve Jobs from his own company.”

Formulating your research question

Keep in mind the emphasis for your paper is to generate a unique question. Take your topic that you’ve narrowed down and form an argument. Your entire paper will be designed around answering the question and effectively supporting your side of the argument. When you can effectively do this, you will have a successful paper.