How To Structure A High School Junior Research Paper On Mobile Phones

When you have to write a composition, your main concern is how to make the subject interesting for your professor. Actually, what you should do is make the paper appealing for your classmates; if they ask questions and become fascinated by your composition, your teacher will be happy. To write about mobile phones is not as easy as you might think, even if you use your smartphone every day. You must pay attention at the structure and the ideas that you use:

  • Start your research paper with a nice introduction. In the first lines you have to talk about the reason why you chose this topic, and how you are planning to approach it. Also, you can make a general presentation of mobile phones. What was the first phone, how people were using it and how different it is today. If you want, you can say a few words about teenagers who use their phones all the time and how this changed the society.

  • In the body of the composition, introduce different perspectives and quotations. You can be sure that phones are beneficial and that students should be allowed to use them all the time. However, this does not mean that your opinion is necessarily true. In order to have a complete text you need to talk about your subject from various points of view, so your professor and your colleagues will agree with you at some point. If you are not sure that you can be objective, just introduce some quotations or references. In this way you will express a different point of view without actually writing about it.

  • Bring some evidence. If you want to prove that technology is good, you should have some brilliant arguments for this. It is not difficult at all; just talk about how phones improve communication and how you can escape from a dangerous situation by using them. Make sure that you are not being too dramatic; in the end you are still a high school junior.

  • Finish everything with a conclusion. The conclusion does not have to be too long or too complicated. A simple resume of what you wrote before is enough, plus some of your thoughts. Don’t try to impress anyone by bringing new information right at the end of the text; it is unnecessary and your professor will not like this.