Where To Look For A Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper Sample

Teenage pregnancy is an important topic with high social relevance in today’s world. In spite of some remarkable stories of teenage parents making it big and having great lives, in a majority of the cases, these pregnancies have social, psychological and economic consequences from which the teens never fully recover.

If you are looking for some great resources for research paper samples on teenage pregnancies, we have some great tips for you.

  1. Scientific and Academic Journals
  2. This is a huge area of research by any measure, so there is an abundance of highly relevant information available about it. The scientific community and academics have written a great variety of papers on the subject. Some of the subject areas in which work has been done to cover this issue include psychology, economics and finance, government policy, education, healthcare, insurance, social services and criminology. Find the relevant papers on the subject in any of the areas above and you will find a wealth of information.

  3. The Library
  4. When looking for papers on the subject, one of the first places you should check is the library. This could be your local library or that of your school, college or university. Most of these will have a catalogue of all the papers that they carry and the librarian will be able to help you out with where to look for them. The papers available will be from diverse sources, such as students and academics. You should pick your sources carefully. In addition to just papers, make sure you do not ignore books, newspaper articles and films or documentaries on the subject, which can provide hugely beneficial information.

  5. The Internet
  6. You can find such a huge amount of information on the internet that it can sometimes be intimidating and confusing to choose the right sources. Make sure you use the best search engines. Their popularity is usually a good guide as to how effective they are. Use good keywords and search terms to get more focused results about your topic. It is a great idea to read a few tutorials on how to use a search engine effectively before starting your search. In addition to normal search engines, resources dedicated to academic work alone are also a great place to locate your sample paper on teen pregnancy. Google Scholar is one such great resource. Good luck with your search.