Coming Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics About Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre, which was written by eminent 19th century novelist, Charlotte Bronte, is one of the most famous works of classic romance and gothic fiction and is widely read by lovers of literature around the world. It has also become a part of the compulsory reading list in high schools and universities around the globe. Many students of literature choose this uncanny novel for their topic of research. The novel is a storehouse of unique and varies topics for literary research.

A number of research paper topics can be chosen from Jane Eyre for a successful and strong research paper. A few of them are:

  • How does Bronte bring about the subtle criticism of the many dark facades of 19th century British society through her work in Jane Eyre?
  • How has the theme of Gothic fiction been implemented in Jane Eyre?
  • Does Jane Eyre in any way bear resemblance to Wuthering Heights, which was composed by Charlotte Bronte’s sister, Emily Bronte?
  • In what way does Jane Eyre serve as an epitome of female life in Victorian England?
  • What is the role of Jane’s admirer, St. John River in the novel?
  • How has the theme of mysticism been implemented in the novel?
  • How does Bronte portray her own life through that of Jane Eyre?
  • A number of other literary works are mentioned in various contexts throughout the length of the novel. How, do you think, was Jane Eyre influenced, if at all, by these famous literary pieces? What role do they play in the novel?
  • Explain the reference of Jane as a “miniature Guy Fawkes”.
  • How does Jane Eyre fall in the Bildungsroman class of novels?

The Bronte sisters were an unusual presence in the literary scene of Victorian age England. Their literary works bore superbly remarkable and sophisticated devices and themes. These themes were mostly used to incline the novels towards dark mysticism and add a supernatural aura to them. Through this dark and gothic character, Bronte brings out the budding romance between Jane and Edward Rochester.

The various deep themes and sub-plots expressed throughout the novel make it a minefield of research analyses. There are a number of themes and aspects of the novel that beckon exploration and a student of literature only has to go through this literary work to understand the contexts and implications of this underrated but bold and beautiful masterpiece from Bronte.