A List Of Unique Topics For A College Microeconomics Research Paper

Topics for a microeconomics paper aren’t hard to come by these days. You can get plenty of ideas from the news and by reading one of the numerous blogs that focus on economy. However, if you want to really impress your teachers and classmates, you need to learn how to “think outside the box”. You’ll have to come up with an original and interesting topic that will be both relevant and unique.

Once you start thinking about this, you will see that finding this kind of topic isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance. In case you cannot come up with anything interesting enough, study the following list of ideas. Hopefully, some of them will inspire you.

  1. Reduction in the level of demand for fresh fruits during the winter months and its effect on economy.
  2. This paper should focus on small businesses and the influence of this seasonal demand level change. However, you also need to explain the bigger picture and outline the role of these businesses in the country’s economy as a whole.

  3. How soon will a change in demand reflect on the product’s price?
  4. To write this paper, you will need to study several examples. Be sure to get some solid proof that will support your calculations.

  5. The chances of graduate students finding highly paid jobs.
  6. Focus on studying statistical data and conduct a survey to support your findings.

  7. The effect of building a small plant in a small town.
  8. How will this change affect the residents of the local community and neighboring areas? How can the location be used to increase the chances of the plant’s success?

  9. How hard is it to find a qualified specialist to work for your business in a small town?
  10. Explain why this is difficult and offer your ideas on how to deal with this situation.

  11. Attracting clients.
  12. What tools can you use to attract the attention of prospective clients to your business? Which of them are most efficient for different kinds of businesses? Why?

  13. Seasonal sales and their effect on small business.
  14. Are seasonal sales good or bad for small businesses? How to make the most of this opportunity?

  15. Increased prices. How will raising prices impact your business? What are the reasons behind this change?
  16. How will this affect your prospective clients?

  17. Small shop in a big town.
  18. How to make your business known and recognized?

  19. Running a family business.
  20. What makes this hard? What makes this easy? Provide logical reasoning for every point you list.