Writing A Brilliant Research Paper On Technology In Education 

A well-written research paper is your chance to win high grades and your teacher’s recognition. You should prepare well, carefully organize the whole writing process, and believe that you can do the job. Students are often asked to write their papers on some general issues of modern life, even if these issues don’t seem to be really interesting. For example, a research project on technology in education seems to be a boring endeavor. However, if you look closer at this theme, you will understand that it can be a solid background for a brilliant research paper. Take the following steps to succeed:

  • Come up with your topic.
  • Your topic is supposed to be narrow enough, which is why you should take some specific aspect from a broad subject. In this particular case, you may go from a general idea of “technology in education” to the more specific topic, like “using the Internet tools with educational purposes” or “investigation into the role of the social media in the learning process.”

  • Conduct your research.
  • Make use of all possible options searching for the needed information.

    • Talk to your teacher.
    • Go to the library and ask the librarian to help you with your search.
    • Turn to the school writing center and ask for advice.
    • Browse the Web.

    Technology in education is a relevant issue, and lots of materials on it can be found online.

  • Write your paper.
    • Create your introduction.
    • Represent your problem (your aspect of the general topic of technology in education) and share your contributions into the field of investigation. Your position should be clearly worded in the thesis statement.

    • Write the main body of your research paper.
    • Explain why your problem is so interesting and describe its gist in details. Mention how other researchers treated it. State your hypothesis and describe your methods. Share what conclusions you have drawn and why.

      Compare your findings with the results of other scholars.
  • Format your writing.
  • Read your assignment guidelines once again and check the requirements. Format your paper in a proper style. Be sure to cite your sources correctly and according to the rules of the assigned formatting style.

  • Edit your piece of writing and check it for mistakes.
  • Use spell-check to find minor spelling errors. Ask your friend to read your text and look for the incongruities there. Make corrections.

  • Have your project printed out
  • Congratulations! Your research paper on technology in education is ready.