Things To Do First When Writing A Research Paper On Hurricane Katrina

It is very often that students are asked to write academic papers on natural disasters like the hurricane Katrina . If you are faced with a similar challenge, follow this space close to know about the various things that need to be considered in order to come out with a successful paper on the subject. To start it all, there are quite a few things that you would like to know.

One of the first things that you would actually consider is that the disaster was actually a natural calamity and not a manmade incident. In that spirit, you should avoid squarely putting the blame of the disaster on any one organization or political party. Apart from that, here are a few things that that you should be doing.

  • Learn the facts and figures of the disaster
  • The one thing you should certainly do about something like a natural disaster is study the facts and figures of the incident. There are many people who believe the facts and the facts alone tell the true story of such incidents.

    But you should also take into consideration the rate at which the facts are being distorted in the case as well. There are several people that make it a point to understand what they need to do in the case. Hold a separate research on the authenticity of the facts as well.

  • Know about the long reaching implications
  • A cyclone or a hurricane that causes loss of lives and property does not just have immediate effects. There are also several long-standing implications that need to be discussed at length. Some believe the cyclone could have even triggered psychological dysfunctions in people.

  • Register the help that was poured in
  • When the hurricane happened, people and governments from all around the world poured in some kind of help for the people and the properties damaged in the calamity. Make sure to mention all these in the paper as well.

  • Talk about the displaced people
  • When writing a research paper on a natural calamity, it is the duty of the writer to mention about the fate of the people who were displaced in the calamity. Make this a prime issue in the paper.

  • How can such calamities be averted?
  • The final part of the paper should deal with the avoidance of such calamities in the future. Mention about the corrective measures that need to be taken in the context.