How To Write Research Papers And Essays In APA Format

Anything looks better if it is neatly presented. This is precisely the reason why scholars and learned people like the dissertations, research papers and essays handed in a formatted way. This glorifies the content and makes the reader automatically amenable to the work.

The two popular formats

Educational works are best suited to APA and MLA formats. While APA format tends to social and behavioral sciences, MLA suits factual science more. Whatever be your format, it will lose its credence if its rules are not followed to the tee.

Segregation into 4 parts

While writing an essay or a research paper, you have to segregate the piece into four parts; namely, the title page, abstract, actual essay and citations. You may place the citations in a particular section; say back of the page or at the footer on every page. You need to indent the first line of each paragraph by ½”, just as you would do in your childhood.

The basic elements

The typography should be lucid, fonts bold and consistent and you should double-space the lines. You should not forget placing the margin on either side to give the research paper a processed look.

Simplicity of Title Page

Now, the title page of research paper or the essay should be kept simple. It should begin with a running head expressing the actual work. The line should be repeated in the midst of the page, followed by your name and that of your institution.

Dealing with the Abstract

Now, the Abstract may be small but it clearly has a vector quotient. It is about 200 words but within the span, you need to mention just what the essay is all about. You have to take the reader through the research, analysis, participants (in case of surveys) and the crux of the topic. You should begin the page by writing abstract in the first line and center-aligning it.

You must remember to place reference to the materials wherever you have done that. Missing the references is downright unethical. You should also take due care to make correct references.

The main body

Regarding the main body, your essay should follow a progressive pattern, intertwining constructive criticism, symmetrical analysis and emphasis on crucial points. You cannot use frivolous language nor take the readers through useless premises. This will dilute the effects of your essay.

The formatting style holds good for the entire essay or research paper. It also teaches you the art of making deft presentation in future.