Writing A Proposal For A Research Paper: Where To Find A Sample

When you want to get the maximum grade for your research paper, you can consider adding some extra elements that will impress your professors. One of these elements is your proposal that is not obligatory, but it can bring you some extra marks if it’s done right. If you don’t know exactly how it should look like, you can get inspired from various websites or ask for help from your friends. Here are some ideas about how you should write your proposal:

  • Choose the topic of the dissertation first. Without this, you can’t make any proposal. The topic needs to be engaging for you and informative for your classmates and to allow you to touch all the aspects of the issue. Make sure you fulfill the requirements of your professor.
  • Introduce some of the aspects that you will analyze. You don’t have to reveal the entire content of your text, but the reader needs to know the general ideas that will be presented. Present the perspective from which you will approach the topic, as well as some questions that might arise during writing.
  • Mention some of the sources and data that you will use. Of course, you will not present them in detail but it is important to write where you made your research. If you quoted an important person in your essay, you could mention this in your proposal but without giving any other data. These first paragraphs need to make the reader eager to discover the rest of your text, not to receive all the information at once.
  • The potential result of your research. This does not mean that you will write the conclusion from the beginning, but more like what you hope to prove with your composition. The purpose must be clear and short, not described in one entire paragraph. In general, it is the best to keep this part as short and clear as you can.
  • Watch the details. Even if it is not your principal paper, you can not neglect the details. They can make the difference between a good and a bad grade. The language that you use and the grammar need to be suitable for an academic paper. Do not let any colloquial expression slip it. Make sure you double check the punctuation so the composition will look professional, and you mention the complete source every time you use quotations.