Vital Writing Tips: Creating A Research Paper In A Week

Writing a research paper can sometime seem like an impossible project, especially if you only have a week to complete it. There are so many other things during the span of a week that can get in the way of your working time and let you think that you’ll never be able to finish it on time. As long as you have the right tips to help you, it’s easy to write a project like this is only a week. Even if you have only a few hours a day to spend on the research paper, don’t worry. The rest of this article will show you how you can get everything done on time.

Day One

Start by looking over your teacher’s instructions and making a list of all the required items you need to have in your paper. Then, expand those into an outline, ordering them by how you want your research paper to look when it’s done. You need a strong structure right from the beginning to make the best paper.

Days Two and Three

It’s time to start your research! Spend these two days on the internet, on trips to the public and school libraries, and anywhere else you need to go. Check out magazines, books, journal articles, dissertations, websites, and news. You can also interview someone working in a related field to your topic if you have the time.

Days Four and Five

After the research is done, the next two days are for writing your first draft. Divide the sections in your outline into two parts so that you know exactly how much you need to do on each day. Simply expand on your outline by adding more details into each concept and putting the research you’ve done into appropriate places.

Day Six

Use this day to rest. Take a break, work on another assignment, and go see a friend or whatever you want to do. After that rough draft has been written, you need some time away form it before you start editing. This will give you a bit of a different perspective on it and that advantage is well worth taking the time.

Day Seven

For your last day before the due date, reread over your entire research paper and correct any obvious mistakes. Go through the spelling and grammar checker on your word processor as well. The very last step is to hand it in!